Blueberry Whole Freeze Dried 90 g Fruiron

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39.90 CA$

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    Fruiron Whole Freeze Dried Blueberries are a treat that can be added to recipes without defrosting they are processed to remove moisture which intensifies flavour and creates a delightful texture. While keeping them fresh for a longer period of time.

    Usage Ideas:

    • Fold into homemade ice cream, chocolate or cheesecake to add a uniquely balanced flavouring.
    • Add to any type of salad for a tart crunch and surprisingly refreshing flavour.
    • Add to pancake, cake, or muffin mix.
    • Add to cereals to preserve nutritional value while adding delicious flavouring. 

    Here at Fruiron, we have a passion for extraordinary food our mission is to ensure fresh fruit flavour is ALWAYS in season through our assortment of fresh premium quality products. We realize that behind every fantastic dish, meal, or great food experience is a plethora of quality ingredients. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to supplying the best quality fruit products possible. All of our products are nutritious, robustly flavourful, and of uncompromising value.