Pineapple Powder Freeze Dried 160 g Fruiron

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65.90 CA$

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    Over 2,500 of our clients operate in the classic Canadian climate, often using their catering expertise to give their customers a break from the weather. We aim to connect your customers to the more tropical flavours, bringing Pineapple to The North, with the Freeze Dried Pineapple Powder from FRUIRON. We know that sourcing authentic, professional grade tropical flavours can often be difficult, especially when the warm weather feels like a world away.
    That’s why we’ve sought the world’s top suppliers of Freeze Dried Pineapple Powder, in order to give our customers, and ultimately their tastebuds, the best catering experience possible. From sauces and yoghurt toppings to glazes desert flavourings, freeze dried powder is the secret weapon you need in your culinary arsenal. With a sweet flavour that makes an ideal twist to any dish or dessert, this is a product that covers all the bases.
    Whether you’re looking to diversify your menu or strengthen your existing range with pro-grade flavours and top-quality ingredients - FRUIRON’s fruit powders are the perfect way to bring that tropical, summer feeling to your establishment.
    Made from one ingredient, it's impossible to get purer than this. Because your customers deserve no less.